Saturday, February 24th, 2007 – La Jolla Kelp Paddies

Saturday, February 24th, 2007

It was definately a rough day on the water. We launched out of MB at 6:30AM and reached the LJ Kelp by 7:30 after making a stop for bait.

The swell, chop, and overall crappiness of the conditions didn’t affect our fishing though.

The conditions didn’t stop ol’ Bob the Bastard sea lion from following us all day. He followed us for the better part of the day…

We followed the birds quite a bit, and got put onto ton’s of Barracudas. After a while, Ol’ Bob got too annoying, so we packed up and left around 2pm.

Overall fish count (Angler, Bait):

2 lingcod (Jim, live bait)
1 Calico Bass (Mike, live bait)
1 Sand Bass (Me, TJW)
1 Rockfish (Me, TJW)
+10 Barracuda (All of us, caught on all types of bait)

(Mike, Jim – if the fish counts are off, let me know… I didn’t get any pics of Mike for some reason…)

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